Submerged fungal cultures

Submerged fungal cultures

Assure optimal cultivation conditions of filamentous fungi (e.g.: Penicillium chrysogenum, Cephalosporium acremonium, Aspergillus niger, Penicillium sp., Fusarium sp., Phycomyces blakesleanus, Caldariomyces fumago, Botrytis, ...) in submerged cultures for germination of fungal spores, mycelial growth (hyphae extension), pellet formation and sporulation by the help of LAMBDA MINIFOR bench-top bioreactors!

Which parameters for submerged fungal cultures are controlled?

The main parameters for submerged fungal cultures controlled by the bench-top bioreactors are temperature, culture-adapted agitation, pH and aeration (sparging/surface aeration) / dissolved oxygen (DO, pO2).

Optional cultivation accessories:

Helpful optional cultivation accessories for filamentous fungi in submerged cultures in bench-top bioreactors are O2 enrichment, light control, adapted stirring discs (gentle silicone, metal or perforated stirring discs), pCO2, feed & harvest pumps with weighing module for chemostat cultures (chemostat).



Adapted mixing in bench-top bioreactors for submerged fungal cultures


Adapted mixing for growth morphology and pellet formation of submerged filamentous fungal cultures.

Controlled feed

Feed pump


Reliable LAMBDA peristaltic pumps supply feedings and correction liquids for pH control to submerged fungal cultures.

Smallest footprint

Bench-top bioreactor with smallest footprint for submerged fungal cultures


MINIFOR bioreactors with the smallest footprint can be placed inside climatic or incubation chambers (for agro-based fungi)

O2 enrichment

O2 enrichment

Automatic control of O2 enrichment: Automatic addition of oxygen with a digital LAMBDA MASSFLOW gas flow controller.

Controlled light

Controlled light

Light (wavelength, intensity and photoperiod) based on the cultures’ requirements can be controlled with LAMBDA LUMO.

Ergonomic handling

Ergonomic sterile handling

Ergonomic handling of submerged fungal cultures is made easy with the unique construction of LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactors!

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