LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenters and bioreactors include all the electronics for visualizing and regulating 6 parameters (temperature, pH, DO, air flow rate, agitation and one free parameter ‘X’). However, the fermenters and bioreactors can get connected to process control software (PCS) for completely automatic control, data acquisition and real-time visualization of parameters and their settings:

  • FNet – ready-to-use software for MINIFOR fermentor and bioreactor
  • SIAM – automation software with unlimited possibilities (e.g.: the connection of LAMBDA REDOX, CARBOMETER, OXYMETER, METHAMETER, third-party peristaltic pumps, fermenters and other instruments)
  • MINI-4-GAS software – an extension of SIAM for automatic gas-mixing

SIAM automation PC software for laboratories

You can connect more than just one fermenter/bioreactor unit: No additional licenses or add-ons are required!

Our experience shows that it is highly advantageous to monitor cultures and measure all available parameters continuously. Cultures are very complex and a record of the parameters can show what has happened or can even show interesting growth features.

LAMBDA offers two process control software, FNet and SIAM for control of fermentation and cell cultures in MINIFOR bench-top fermentor and bioreactor.

  • FNet is an easy and ready-to-use fermentation software for common cultures and up to 6 MINIFOR bioreactors can be controlled with limited options.
  • SIAM is a top-notch industrial and laboratory process control software with unlimited possibilities e.g.: up to 99 fermentors/bioreactors can be controlled and offers extended functions. SIAM can also be used to control other bioreactors (like Sartorius), pumps, etc. MINI-4-GAS, automatic gas-mixing software is an extension of SIAM fermentation software to control the gas mix station.

FNet fermentation software

FNet is a simple-to-use software for monitoring fermentation and cell culture processes with the MINIFOR laboratory fermentor and bioreactor. The software is compatible with the operating system: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

3 simple steps to use the FNet software with LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor and bioreactor,

1. Install the software
2. Set the address of MINIFOR and pumps according to the FNet user guide, check the COM number on the PC (preferably COM 1, procedure to set up the COM port number) and connect the MINIFOR fermentor/bioreactor to the PC with the help of connection kit
3. FNet recognizes the connected MINIFOR and readily displays the parameters for regulation and monitoring

No programming knowledge is needed to access and work with the software. No need to purchase a special add-in or license for the connection of new fermentors/bioreactors/pumps to the existing FNet software. Up to 6 MINIFOR fermenters and bioreactors, 12 pump-flow integrators and 6 peristaltic pumps can be connected and controlled from one PC.

  • Monitoring and remote control of all 6 parameters in MINIFOR fermentor and bioreactor
  • Profiles for the parameters (pH, temperature, agitation, air flow rate, pO2, X )
  • Visualization of the real-time values (actual and set-point) in trends
  • Peristaltic pump; pump-flow integrator (Amount 1, Amount 2) e.g., of acid and base pump; calibration of pump and integrator
  • Save and export data for reference, analysis and optimization
  • Very good price/performance ratio

Screenshot of FNet fermentation software

SIAM industrial automation software and MINI-4-GAS, gas station extension

SIAM is a sophisticated, high-quality industrial and laboratory automation software for professionals with almost unlimited possibilities for cell growth, the production phase of fermentation, biotransformation and other processes in bioreactors and fermentors (up to 99 bioreactors/fermentors & extended functions). It is an easy-to-use data acquisition or automation system at the laboratory, pilot or small production scale in the field of biotechnology and chemistry.

Minimal PC requirement: Pentium III, 1GHz, soundcard, Windows NT4. The software is compatible with the operating system: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11. Languages: English, French, German.

MINI-4-GAS extension of the SIAM software allows a complete automatic gas-mixing control with individual PID controllers for each gas (e.g.: pO2 control with Air & Oxygen, pH control with Carbon dioxide, constant total gas flow). Data acquisition, calculations & gas transfer rates, trend display and extended visualization are available.

Estimation of RQ, OUR and CPR based on the data from MINIFOR fermentor/bioreactor, CARBOMETER and OXYMETER.

  • Real-time display of parameters (like temperature, pH, agitation, air flow rate, DO, redox potential, etc.) evolution.
  • Easy device connection and configuration (balances, controllers, Redoxmeter, Carbometer, Oxymeter, Methameter, RQ calculation, MINI-4-GAS mix gas station and third-party peristaltic pumps, Sartorius bioreactors, etc.)
  • The user can choose the aspect for graph visualization:
    • The parameters to be displayed, the colour of the curve, and the visualization scale interval.
    • Up to 8 curves can be visualized in the same graph.
    • Up to 4 ‘y’ axis can be visualized.
    • The channel values for the curves are stored permanently.
  • dAlert and Report Window to track the automated process and intervention

Screenshot industrial automation software