LAMBDA LUMO: Light control for phototrophic cultures

LAMBDA LUMO light control unit together with the LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor is a photobioreactor for growing phototrophic cultures:

  • Optimal light intensity achieved with LUMO light control unit
  • LED light with high light intensity and low radiant heat emitted to the medium (no or less medium cooling)
  • Manual or automatic timer to simulate day/night rhythm
  • Free selectable LED for wavelength according to the culture requirement (e.g.: LEDs red or blue or warm white for spectral distribution)
  • Precise control over light intensity, photoperiod

LAMBDA LUMO light module for photobioreactor

LED for optimal light spectrum

LAMBDA offers high-intensity and low radiant heat emitting LED light sources for the most effective and consistent light supply for the highest photosynthesis and growth rates of the culture. According to the specific photosynthesis requirements of algae, plant cells, moss or cyanobacteria, the LEDs with corresponding light spectrum and wavelength can be selected.

LED light source for photobioreactor

LED light source for photobioreactor

Light absorption/spectrum diagram

Optimal light absorption spectrum of phototrophic microorganisms

The LED light spectrum is evenly distributed from outside the LAMBDA MINIFOR into the photobioreactor whole-glass vessel which is perfect for the growth of the phototrophic culture in a liquid medium. The gentle and efficient “fish-tail” agitation prevents light inhibition and mutual shading in the photobioreactor.

Advantages of using an external light source (with a single-walled photobioreactor glass vessel):

  • Large surface and even distribution of light at the appropriate intensity, duration and wavelength
  • Dissipation of heat into the lab atmosphere and no or minimal medium cooling required
  • Possibility to choose: natural sunlight (to imitate outdoor experimental structure) or artificial light (LED) with a specific wavelength (R&D lab, Universities) for experiments


Light intensity controlled by the LAMBDA LUMO module

The LAMBDA LUMO module is specially designed to control the light intensity for the phototrophic culture:

  • LAMBDA LUMO with LED stripe & holder used connected to LAMBDA MINIFOR PBR photobioreactor
  • LAMBDA LUMO with LED stripe used as a stand-alone device

Along with the wavelength (by choosing the LED), the day/night simulation and light intensity can be selected/programmed by the LAMBDA LUMO module:

Illustration for day/night simulation Manual or automatic time selection for day/night simulation

Light intensity diagram for photosynthesis rate Selection of light intensity

Programming the light intensity

LAMBDA LUMO light module allows controlling the light intensity from 0 to 100% (in the steps of 1 %) manually on the light control unit.

It is also possible to program the light intensity with respect to time in 99 steps locally on the LAMBDA LUMO light control unit (each step is a pair of light intensity and time duration). The corresponding program can be repeated 1 to 99 times or can run continuously.

Control of photobioreactor and light intensity by PC automation software

LAMBDA LUMO light intensity control unit with the LED light source can be connected to the SIAM industrial automation PC software via the RS-485 interface.
SIAM allows precise regulation of light intensity with respect to time, real-time monitoring of other phototrophic growth parameters and data recording.