Mammalian and animal cell cultures

Mammalian cell culture illustration

With LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor, controlled, efficient and optimal mammalian/animal cell cultures are possible: stem cells, mammalian cells: CHO, HeLa, HEK-293, hybridoma, ...; insect cells: sf9, High Fives and other eukaryotic cell lines).

Which parameters are controlled for mammalian and animal cell cultures?

For mammalian and animal cell cultures, the LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor controls the temperature, agitation, pO2 (dissolved oxygen, OD), pH and air flow rate by internal thermal LAMBDA MASSFLOW gas flow control


Optional accessories specific for mammalian cell culturing:

For more, the LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor system offers feed & harvest pumps as well as a balance module for continuous culturing, a fully automatic gas mix station (air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen), off-gas measurements and turbidity (OD, optical density). For recombinant protein expression, the LAMBDA ANTIFO & DOZITO antifoam system is recommended.



Shear stress free agitation


Gentle & cutting-edge free FiSH-TAIL agitation to avoid hydrodynamic shear stress on cell

Sterile handling

Ergonomic sterile handling


Do not be afraid of biological contamination anymore! Easy to maintain sterility for months.

Automated 4-gas-mix

Automatic gas mixing module LAMBDA MINI-4-GAS


LAMBDA MINI-4-GAS, automatic gas mixing module (air, O2, CO2, N2) with individual gas flow paths.


Automatic anti-foam agent addition

Automatic antifoam control system LAMBDA ANTIFO & DOZITO for recombinant protein expression cell culturing.

Lower volumes

Low working volume for sparing expensive cell culture media

Use expensive cell culture medium efficiently and reduce the preparation time with the smallest reactor volume (35 ml).

Feed / Harvest

Precise LAMBDA peristaltic pumps

Controlled feeding & harvesting of mammalian/animal cell culture for efficient cell metabolism and differentiation.

Precise temperature

bioreactor temperature control with IR-radiation


Homogeneous temperature control is achieved by radiation heating - No hot spots at any medium volume!


Calculate RQ (respiratory quotient) with SIAM fermentation software


Measure off-gas concentrations and calculate RQ (respiratory quotient) with SIAM fermentation software

Your customisation

Customize your bioreactor!


Choose the accessories and customize the bioreactor kit according to your mammalian/animal cell cultures.

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LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor for mammalian/animal cell cultures