Yeast fermentation and bacterial culture in fermenters

High density yeast culture illustrationTo work with aerobic, micro-aerophilic or anaerobic bacterial culture (e.g.: E. coli, B. subtilis, B. anthracis, B. amyloliquefaciens, B. pumilus, B. licheniformis, S. aureus, …) or yeast fermentation (e.g.: S. cerevisiae, P. pastoris, S. pastorianus, S. uvarum, etc.) the LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenters offer batch, fed-batch and/or continuous (chemostat) mode of operation.

Parameter control for yeast fermentation and bacterial culture

The most common basic parameters measured and controlled by fermenters in yeast fermentation or bacterial culture are temperature, agitation, pO2 (OD), pH, the air flow rate in aerobic culture and N2 flow rate for anaerobic fermentation processes.

The best adaptation of fermenters for your specific yeast and bacteria culture

What is the best way to invest your budget in fermenters for your yeast or bacterial culture?

Simply select additional parameters important to your project and receive a free quote for the customized fermenter from manufacturer and seller LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments. LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter systems are modular and can be easily adapted to your project. (See for a list of all parameters).
In the following, the most common optional parameters and fermenter peripherals for aerobic/anaerobic fermentations for yeast and bacteria are briefly presented:

Optional parameter control

Further optional parameters measured and/or controlled in fermenters for yeast and bacterial cultures are off-gas (% CO2, % CH4, % O2, …), pCO2, foam level, turbidity (optical density, OD), redOx (ORP) for anaerob cultivation or pO2 with automatic O2 enrichment for aerobe high-cell density cultivation.
Excellent fermentation systems such as customized LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenters offer remotely controlled feed pumps for fed-batch and also media pumps remotely controlled by culture weight module for chemostat.

Feed / Harvest

Feed pump for yeast or bacterial culture

Quality peristaltic pumps as harvest/feed pumps for C-feed, feeding nutrients, growth factors and other special feeds: remote-controlled or programmable LAMBDA Peristaltic pumps.

Culture weight

Weighing module under LAMBDA MINIFOR chemostat

Chemostat is a weight-controlled continuous culturing mode. The LAMBDA balance module is able to remote control the LAMBDA feed or harvest pump, in order to keep the culture weight constant.

O2 enrichment

O2 enrichment for high cell density culture

O2 enrichment prolongs the production phase of aerobe transformation processes: Automatic addition of oxygen with a digital LAMBDA MASSFLOW gas flow controller. 


Automatic anti-foam agent addition

Are you working with protein-rich media and therefore expect foam? Then choose the automatic antifoam control system LAMBDA ANTIFO foam detector & DOZITO smallest syringe pump for the fermentation with yeast or bacteria.

Growth tracking

Optional LAMBDA INTEGRATOR for pump

Are you looking for a more cost-effective solution than in-line OD measurement? LAMBDA INTEGRATOR for the base pump during automatic pH control provides values that can also be used to track the aerobic growth phase.

RedOx / ORP

LAMBDA REDOX measurement unit

The RedOx potential (oxido-reduction potential, ORP) reflects the metabolic activity of anaerobic cultures: Get ORP with the optional RedOx unit built into the LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter for yeast and bacteria cultures!

Anaerobic conditions

N2 sparging for anaerobe conditions in the fermenter vessel

How to maintain anaerobic conditions in the fermenter vessel? Use the internal MASSFLOW of the LAMBDA MINIFOR for fermentation and anaerobe bacterial culture for sparging nitrogen (N2) to drive out the oxygen (O2).

Real-time visualisation

SIAM/FNet PC software for data saving and real-time visualisation of yeast fermentation and bacterial cultivation

How to save data of yeast fermentations or bacterial cultures? Connect SIAM PC software to your fermenters: besides data storage of all parameter data, SIAM provides real-time visualisation also for parallel fermentations.

Your customisation

Customize your fermenter!

How to invest your budget in the best way for your fermentations? Choose the parameters that are important to work with your yeast or bacterial culture and contact LAMBDA  for a quote on the appropriate LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter accessories.

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