LAMBDA Yellow Service

LAMBDA Yellow Service offers a complete maintenance and support program designed to ensure maximum uptime, ease of operation, lowest total cost of ownership and continued productivity enhancements.

Since it is not very reasonable to construct a service centre in each and every country (especially when such a service centre has almost nothing to do) we have organized a new, innovative and modern service system, which provides you with a better, faster, efficient and economic service.
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    • Offers quick and high quality service
    • Available in more than 220 countries all over the world
    • Extended warranty available

Large stock of instruments for fastest delivery!

LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments are on stock

LAMBDA is the manufacturer & supplier of LAMBDA MINIFOR laboratory fermenter & bioreactor systems, peristaltic pumps and its accessories. LAMBDA’s mission is to invent, develop and supply a wide range of high quality products with interesting properties. We know, it is important for our customers to get the needed instruments for their work as quickly as possible. Therefore, we maintain a large stock of instruments, in order to be able to quickly set them up in the desired configuration and to dispatch them in the shortest possible time! LAMBDA’s strategy is to supply customers with high quality instruments at a reasonable cost. Therefore, LAMBDA laboratory instruments have very low service requirements.

Repair and Services

It is expensive to have a good service center in every country (especially when such a service center has almost nothing to do). We have organized a new, innovative and modern service system, LAMBDA Yellow Service, which provides better, faster, efficient and economic service for our customers.
If a problem with our instrument is encountered and repair / service is needed, the instrument could be sent back to our production premises.
No external service center could have better conditions for repairs. Because, it includes a complete stock of original spare parts, necessary know-how, techniques and a workshop with trained and competent personnel.
After servicing, the instrument will be sent back to the customer with the help of our transport partner. This extra fast and high quality service is available in more than 220 countries all over the world.
We can offer such a service system, because our instruments are compact, lightweight and easily transportable.