• Smallest fermentor system footprint with control unit
  • Comparable to the size of an A4 sheet for all working volumes (35 ml to 6 L)
  • Extremely compact fermentor system than any other system in the market
  • Weight of LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor unit: only 7.5 kg
  • Perfectly accessible from all sides

The footprint of the LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor system is similar to an A4 sheet of paper.

The compact construction of LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor system was made due to the fact that the costs of laboratory bench space are extremely expensive which is completely ignored.

The control tower and the complex cable connections are completely eliminated by placing the microprocessor-controlled control unit just below the fermentation vessel. The control unit contains several cables, connections, tubings as well as the heating source which makes the working environment less complex.

Due to this innovative technique, the footprint and dimensions of the fermentor-bioreactor are highly reduced and making them more convenient to work in the lab as well. The space requirement of the LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor with a working vessel and the control unit is 22 cm x 38 cm x 40 cm (W x H x D). Because the sealed, watertight control unit also serves as a stable holder for vessels of all working volumes, quality peristaltic pumps, storage bottles for acid, base/nutrients and the smallest antifoam control unit.

Despite being compact, the connections are easily accessible: the side necks for the probes and ports are constructed at an angle of 30°. The gained space allows easy and perfect sterility maintenance.

It spares the time and energy spent on setting up the connections and dismantling them for each experiment!

extremely compact LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor system

Critical process parameters control (CPP) by the LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor system

LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor system can be fully controlled and operated from the front panel. Together with the probes, controllers and pumps it forms an autonomous unit. All parameters can be immediately seen without scrolling and can be adjusted from the front panel.

Each control unit has its own two microprocessors and complete regulation electronics to ensure a continuous measurement, immediate response and the control of all process parameters. All the parameters (temperature, pH, pO2, air flow rate, DO, agitation and a free selectable parameter e.g. pCO2, optical density, antifoam etc.) set and actual values, as well as the high and low alarms, are visible at a glance on a large LCD backlight display (4 x 40 digits). The controls are simple and logical.

LAMBDA delivers high-quality bioreactors and fermentors, where each vessel has a complete and totally independent measurement and digital control system with all data on a large display.

Never having to worry about leaving a working vessel unattended with the precise parameter regulation!

Accessibility and visibility

All the electronics, power supply, IR heater, air valve, mass flow meter and cables are conveniently placed in the base unit, which is also used as a support for a fermentation vessel and all other necessary equipment. The platform arrangement of the base unit makes all parts of the fermentor clearly visible and easily accessible from all sides, despite the base dimensions of only 22 x 40 cm (approx. an A4 sheet of paper).

The LAMBDA bioreactor is constructed like a stairway to allow the best visibility, optimal access to all parts, minimal connection distances and location of all components in a logical place:

fermentor system LAMBDA MINIFOR 1L Advanced Kit

Fermenter System LAMBDA MINIFOR 1L Advanced Kit:


  1. The working vessel is located on the "first step" and a maximal visibility from all sides is provided. The access to the probes, ports and connections have been solved with the new vessel design. Side necks distributed around the vessel give an easy accessibility to all parts of the vessel.
  2. The connections for probes (pH, temperature, DO) and the stirring are placed between the “first and second step“, to make the cable distance shorter and not mixed-up with tubing from the reagent bottles.
  3. The reagent bottles with magnetic holders are secured in place on the "second step" behind the fermentation vessel. The magnetic holders give the maximal freedom for the placement of bottles of different sizes and numbers on the smallest possible surface.
  4. The "third step" contains adjustable supports for the peristaltic pumps, placed above the reagent bottles to provide the shortest possible distance of the tubing between storage bottle, peristaltic pump and culture vessel. Additionally, the activity of the pumps (speed and state) can be seen immediately.

The arrangement and distribution of all the important elements and functions to a minimal space under and around the vessel bring an extreme economy to the very expensive laboratory bench surface.

A compact and quality instrument for laboratory

People often ignore that the lab bench space is the most expensive surface in the world. The laboratory fermentors and bioreactors should occupy a minimal bench space with convenient handling, workflow and maintenance. LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments offers the most compact fermentor/bioreactor with no compromise to quality!

Compact fermentor system

Very compact bioreactor system

“Watch your MINIFOR because this compact and handy fermentor can be carried away by a single person!”

MINIFOR occupies only the size of an A4 paper in the laboratory bench space!

Although LAMBDA MINIFOR takes only a minimal laboratory bench surface, the connections are easily accessible: the side necks for the probes and vessel ports are arranged at an angle of 30°. Sterile handling is made simple and perfect with LAMBDA easy sterility concept.

Parallel running experiments

Parallel running experiments in parallel fermenters system


“The MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor is not only a solitary worker. You can also let it work in a team, in parallel cultures, without loss of independence in parameter regulation.”

Unlike conventional systems, the MINIFOR units do not need to be placed next to each other during parallel processes, but can be distributed across your labs.

Each MINIFOR unit has its own console which regulates all parameters locally and shows at a single glance the actual and set values as well as high and low alarms of each parameter.

Several MINIFOR units can be connected to one PC and the optional software allows remote control and data processing. For connecting multiple MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor units to the PC no additional software licenses needed.

Modular LAMBDA MINIFOR system

exchangeable bioreactor vessels

“In addition to the standard 1 L vessel we can also supply 0.3 L (with a minimal working volume of 35 ml), 0.4 L, 3 L and 7 L reactor vessels. The vessels can be replaced easily and at low cost. What else can we do for you?”

MINIFOR adapts to the requirements and not vice-versa.

Each MINIFOR unit has its own measurement and control electronics for all parameters (pH, pO2, temperature, agitation, aeration rate and one additional selectable parameter). Based on the project, additional modules or accessories (other vessel volumes, pumps, integrators, mass flow gas controllers, software…) can be selected any later, which make the acquisition costs low.